it’s been a while since i’ve felt like this. this stinging pain of being lonely. alone i can take when i can live with myself.

but lonely. i can’t… it hurts. it hurts so much and i don’t even know what i can do.

it’s just so tough. and it hurts. it hurts real bad.

does anyone know that?

i don’t know.

rather no one could be bothered right?




Stay With Me

Everyone’s departure is bringing me a sense of sadness and my best friend hasn’t even gone yet, how am I to cope with this… and with the evil rage that doesn’t want to simmer down?

And the entry wound is from your goodbye. I mean really, you’re not even mine to miss.




Never thought I’d say this but for the first time in ever, I feel just so exhausted putting everyone first only to be left as everyone’s second choice, a mere option. Just sometimes it’d be nice to know you’re… valued I guess?

Maybe it’s just the mental fatigue getting to me, distorting things.

I’m not sure. But whatever it is I hope it passes soon and that I can learn to love unconditionally once again.



So I took the bus almost to the end of it’s route today all because it was too “crowded” at my stop I couldn’t muster the courage to let the words “Excuse me” out to the people in front me.

It’s getting worse.

And I don’t know what to do.