open tab.

This WordPress tab has been open since literally forever. I’ve been telling myself to start writing for so long but I’ve only just been procrastinating. I sometimes wonder if my words mean something else to my brain.

BUT, yet I’ve finally made it here and in my quest to improve my English and just generally improve the fluency of translating my thoughts to paper, I, from today, start my journey of writing frequently (and with a splash of panache too, I hope). Okay, I think I need to make this more quantitative – I’ll write at least 2 posts a week – so if I don’t please call me out on it, thank you.

This marks the end, for the forseeable future at least, of me dropping “YASSSSSSSSS” and “wewewewewew” in my posts (unfortunately) so as to up my English game. But to compensate for that loss, I promise to inject (even more) gifs to keep things rolling. And I guess this might also mean me stepping into a shell a little bit more often and generally avoiding speaking about personal matters, except in general terms. So if you’re someone close, or just someone curious stumbling on this blog, and who wants to find out more about what’s going on all you have to do is just ask and a coffee date it is (meeting more people and more often, is another goal of mine too).

That’s it for me and this post, which I think is justified given that it’s 4am. Why the sudden change and more will be explained in due course (though a coffee date will bring that info to you faster 😉

Love to all ❤


i miss you laura 😦 thank you for reminding me that nobody gets to tell me i can’t do what i set my mind to.


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