Table for One

Good evening, table for?

“I don’t think we’ll find space anywhere
let our story the Botanic Gardens satiate”
Feu De Joie did our veins ensnare.

“Stop, stop! Just order first;
the bill-splitting formalities later shall we delve”
With brotherhood we went home reimbursed.

“Finally we get to the restaurant,
I thought we’d forever be bobbin'”
Yet deep down for one another they’d always wait reverent.

“When we get back teach me
how that darn fulcrum question’s answer be derived”
Friendship the solution, youthful woe’s sober whiskey.

“I can’t believe that two
years flew by, for us on life wore”
Not much remained but boy was this a pleasant impromptu!

“Come come give me the camera
go take a photo with her, hurry hurry!!!”
Alas the snap a blur but the night sheer euphoria.

“Shall we share a bottle
of Apple Cider before the revue?”
Rain couldn’t dampen our spirits, Hugo’s story rendering us hopeful.

For one, please-
I sit alone.

And from the shadows, surely, does an image form.
Slowly(,) now.

(inspired by the friendships and bonds – though not all described for fear this poem might turn too long – fostered over the years; i only pray we continue to go from strength to strength, and long into the night. and written in hope that one day i too will find the one whom i see God in.)


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